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Maid Name:
Myanmar maid
Experience: Transfer maid
Myanmar Transfer maid
English: (Good)
Mandarin/Chinese-Dialect: (Fair)
Place Of Birth:
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Marital Status:
Number of Children:
Expected Salary

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation Comments
Care of infants/children 3  
Care of elderly 5  
Care of disabled 5  
General housework 5  
Cooking 5  
Language Skill: Mandarin & Teochew  

Maid Introduction

Win Kyi has 5 years' working experience as a Caregiver in Singapore. She has experience taking care of the Elderly who has Dementia. She also has experience in taking care of Ah Ma with stroke. She does feeding food & medicine, showering, bring toileting, transferring from wheelchair to the bed etc., changing clothes & diapers, bringing Ah Ma for hospital appointments. She is a certified Caregiver with a Certificate in Caregiving of the Elderly Persons (Home Environment). She can speak English well. She can also speak some Mandarin & Teochew. She is a fast learner too. She can be entrusted to take care of the Elderly independently.

She will be suitable for families looking for a trained Caregiver in Eldercare & one who can speak some Mandarin & dialects.

Sep 14 - Jun 15 (9 mths) : Take care of Ah Ma 93+ y.o. healthy & mobile, housekeeping & assist with cooking. Reason for leaving : She has to sleep in living rm. TV is too loud. She only get 2 - 3 hrs of sleep. Not enough rest & sleep. Went home due to lack of sleep. 

Jun 15 - Dec 17 (2.5 yrs) : Work  in a sewing factory in Myanmar. Last time 1st time work in Singapore, had bad experience. Scared. Later, come back to Singapore on Dec 17 due to lack of money to buy land for her family.

Dec 17 - Dec 19 (2 yrs finish contract) : Work in a Japanese family take care of Mdm 65+ y.o.  Mdm has a head injury operation, forget everything, has fall risk due to giddiness, housekeeping & cooking.

Dec 19 - Mar 20 (3 mths) : Take a break after finish contract. Learn driving.

Mar 20 - Aug 21 (1.5 yrs) : Take care 73 y.o. Dementia Ah Ma. Reason for leaving : Ah Ma get more violent & beat her, knock her head & want to jump down. She is scared. 

Aug 21 - Jan 22 (5 mths) : Take care Ah Ma 96 y.o. Dementia, wheelchair-bound at home. She do all the ADLs : Transferring, Feeding, Changing Diaper, Toileting, Showering & Changing clothes & playing toys with Ah Ma. Housekeeping. Reason for leaving : Employer's dog bites, Ex-maid came back.

2008 - 2010 (2 yrs in Myanmar) : Take care of relative Dementia Ah Gong 87 y.o., Worked when she is 16 -18 y.o. due to poverty. Help Auntie support Ah Gong, wash his soiled bed etc.
Maid Agency: Home Help Maid Agency
(License No.: 18C9410)
Maid agency:
Address: 202B, Sengkang East Road, 10-72,
Compassvale South Gate,
Singapore 542202
Tel: 8168 1063
Email: Maid Agency Email 
Contact Person: Janice Lim
Handphone: 8168 1063
Office Hour: Daily (Including PH) : 10AM to 10PM (By appt only)

Last updated on 25-01-2022.
Maid Agency:
Home Help Maid Agency
Contact Person:
Janice Lim
8168 1063
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